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Sketchbook Project 2021

Made during lockdown, my contribution to the Sketchbook project never got on to the shelves, as it was one of many destroyed in a fire in February of last year, whilst the collection was being moved to its new home in St Pete, Florida. Luckily for me, I’d taken some photos of my own, so these were used on the digital ‘shelves,’ where you can still browse through the many many wonderful offerings made for the collection by artists, young and old, experts and dabblers,* all over the world.

Sadly, Steve Waterman, founder of the project, recently announced its closure . But many of the surviving sketchbooks will find a home with galleries, museums and other organisations across N America and Canada.

  • I definitely fall into the non-artist ‘dabbler’ category! It was great fun taking part though and it all stemmed from my search for an easy to send Christmas present to our daughter in NY that first Lockdown Christmas, which she then reciprocated!