Advent 2023: Haiku-free zone 2

Yes – I know Advent, Christmas and Epiphany are long gone and Lent is approaching . Rather late to be reflecting on my Advent tweeting stint on @OurCofELike, isn’t it? What can I say? It was tough, challenging, exhausting, exasperating, surprising; above all – FUN, even though I wouldn’t always have admitted to this last at the time.

The experience certainly convinced me (if I’d not already known it) that I’m an out and out introvert, even online, which surprised me, as I’ve always thought of myself as being more far more outgoing on t’interweb than IRL, as they say. But, energising though it be, fun though it was, the combo of feeling constantly ‘on,’ focusing, reacting to events in the minute, choosing what and how to cover and present my day, being prepared to change my output in response to others’ input I found so, so draining.

I was warned at the start of the week that I’d probably inherit a dispute from the previous guest poster’s turn, (well done him; I was amazed at his graciousness and patience with sundry trolls) Luckily, they’d decided to retire back under their bridge, so my time proceeded smoothly.

And what a week it was. Midway through Advent; waiting for the light. Setting up for our church’s annual Christmas tree festival; following our town’s Living Advent Calendar, (Belle, Rock ‘n roll Santa, multicultural/lingual Christmas greetings, infant school choir, carol service and of course, the never to be forgotten Christmas tree dance!

I wasn’t hugely reflective and the spiritual direction aspect of my life didn’t get much mention; the emphasis was pretty much on my local church and why not?

What did I learn? Sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone; however scary it can be. Don’t worry too much about what other people think; if they’re noticing what you do at all “Uh?…Sorry…I don’t ‘do’ Twitter!” was the most common response I got when I mentioned what I was up to. And returning to comfort zones; there is light to be found, however dim, amidst less than ideal circumstances. The week ran parallel with personal circumstances that were way way less than ideal and thanks go to my family who encouraged me to keep going, especially our son, who long-distance, picked up the emotional ‘reins,’ on several occasions ’ so that I could have space to think and to tweet.

Thanks to them, to my church community and to @OurCofELike. If you’re of a C of E persuasion and fancy trying your hand at sharing your local expression of the church in all it’s glorious variety, do pop over to the account , have a read and volunteer.

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