Advent 2023: Haiku-free zone

Advent drawing near
But this year dreaded haiku
Will be replaced by…?

Welcome back after the longest coffee break imaginable. It’s been a ‘challenging’ year with little mental band-width for blogging, let alone my usual Advent Haiku, much though I love writing them.

But there’s nothing like flexing your creative muscles in a new way whilst making a right twit of yourself at the same time , (get thee hence Inner Critic!). So….what’s Yours Truly done? Yes! She’s only signed up to guest tweet on The good old C of E in all its diversity, creativity and infinite variety. With tea and (chocolate) biscuits thrown in of course, served on green ‘Beryl’ earthenware.

What’s more – I’ve been given the Second Week of Advent. What excitement! It’s like being cast as second donkey on the right in the school nativity, then being upgraded to a sparkly angel at the eleventh hour.

All in 280 characters? Hmm.

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