Days Five and Six: Sorrow and laughter meet; ‘Sounds like…’

Two day’s worth in one go here. The challenge to write juxtaposing the emotions of joy, sorrow and inappropriate laughter (like holding back giggles st a funeral), I found challenging to say the least. I ended up falling back on an old stand-by, the acrostic poem, with a piece here very appropriate for Holy Week. On reflection, it’s probably in part due to mental head-space being taken up by the events of this key part of the churches’ year that I’ve found the past few days of NaPoWriMo so difficult. I simply haven’t had the spare band-width to be able to be in a space where I can wrestle with new ideas.

Anyway, here’s the Judas acrostic:

Acrostic - Judas

Joy and pain were etched into that kiss
Under dim-lit skies.
Don’t blame me, it was foretold;
As if I had a choice!
Sellout brings sempiternal guilt.

Day Six was far more light-hearted, though of course there was nothing to stop participants treating the prompt seriously if they’d preferred: the invitation to choose a foreign -language poem from poetry international in a language they didn’t know, look at which words reminded them of those from their own language and use those as poetic inspiration. Mine was sparked by Sara Uribe’s Poema en Que La Enunciante…. Words were: sin, 24 horas, wifi, maquilaje, un poema din gluten, musica, con pilas includidas, multidisciplinario, acrobata, poliglota, caducidad and novena. Here’s the result!

There was a young parrot called Polly,
Multi-lingual and spoke oh-so-jolly.
But she sang gluten-free
Til her batteries three
They expired, then she swore, to her folly.

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