Looking ahead to Advent

Image by Nubia Navarro at Pexels.com

As Advent is heaving in sight,
I’m working out what I can write:
Acrostic or Rima ,
Six-stanza Sestina
And risk sending readers to flight.

What has happened to ‘Holding Heaven?’ Well, radio silence has been for personal reasons; though I did complete NaPoWriMo 2022, the poems mostly remained in my notebook. It’s been a hard few months and I’ve just not had enough ‘oomph’ to share here.

But I can never resist an Advent challenge; even if it’s a self-imposed one. So…for the third (or is it the fourth – who’s counting!) year running, I’ll be aiming to post a haiku here each day, with the occasional acrostic, limerick or other poetic form thrown in. A pot-pourri of poetry; a veritable verbiage of verse. I hope you enjoy it.

And if anybody chancing across this site is planning on doing similar, or if you’re aiming to do any special journaling/arty/‘versy’ -type project this Advent, I’d love to hear how you’re getting along. Do get in touch via the contact form or drop a note in the comments.

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