NaPoWriMo: Heroic Similes

I really don’t think that my use of heroic simile and extended metaphor will be putting Homer out of a job, but I had fun writing these verses about our senior dog. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing them.

You look like clouds of candyfloss, 
dark Malteser eyes dreaming of tea
and cosy marshmallow beds;
milk chocolate teddybear legs pobbling along beside me,
tail a swirl of spun sugar.

Your sat-nav nose hoovers  up scents;
Sweet memories of the sassy spaniel who  passed by an hour ago
all candy-striped bootlaces and chunky nougat,
Gummi bears and a bouquet like melting toffee.
We go back home along the gingerbread path,
visions  of tea, old-lady snoozes 
and sweet dreams of pic ‘n mix.

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