NaPoWriMo: Dogs

This was a fun challenge; to list all dogs you’ve known, met or heard of, past and present and then write about the one you’d be the least likely to have included.

I ended up with a poem about a feisty little dog remembered from childhood days.

You tried to scare us,
hairy caterpillar  that you were;
Flat-faced inbreeding at its worst,
with a growl that came out gasping 
like a cross between a steam engine  and a pig with laryngitis.
Probably smelt like one, too,
only we never dared get close enough to check.

So you waddled across the driveway,
guard dog that you knew you were;
terrifying the neighbourhood kids.
(Did folk really let pets roam free back then?
Times have changed now,
though regrettable breeding practices have not).

But maybe we misjudged you?
Maybe you really wanted to join in the fun;
be one of the lads;
though rumour has it that you may have been a lass despite your name.
(Blue Peter’s Fred/Freda **set a precedent after all),
and looks aren’t everything, as we well know.

Sorry ‘Butch,’
Too late now,
you’ll be long, long gone;
a centenarian at least in human years.
I don’t really do the ‘rainbow bridge’ thing,
but I hope that you’re around somewhere,
leader of a pack of feisty pekes
or whatever breed we thought you were,
(tricky to tell under all that hair);
telling tales of derring-do,
long summer days
and juicy nipped ankles.

* Just to point out that the dog in the above photo is far better looking than the one described in my poem!

**Popular UK children’s TV programme

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