NaPoWriMo: Catching Up

Here I am; a mini, very mini me, aged zero, in my hospital crib. Here I’ve written a series of haiku in response to the prompt asking us to imagine the opening scene of a movie about our life.

I’m not posting up all my poems; I struggled a couple of days ago with an ’everything is amazing’ prompt, (just didn’t fit my mood or personal situation,’ so gave that a miss, although I did have a bash at writing a cento; still in draft form.

Anyway, here are the haiku:

Born six weeks early
Two lives hanging on toxic threat (d?)
Eclampsic* drama

London hospital
Like Call the Midwife for real
She is one herself

I sleep peacefully
But for ever afterwards
Early arrivals

*Eclamptic? Eclampsic?

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