NaPoWriMo: Small

I’ve given up dating each poem. It’s too confusing. What will be will be and as long as I keep going, who cares what day it is! So here’s the latest, inspired by NaPoWriMo’s prompt to write about something small. Enjoy my ’selection box:’ four haiku and another Nonet.

A selection box
Perfection captured in words
Tiny bites of joy

A wee, wee mossie
Whining its way to the feast
Sweet perfume of blood

Our little Bichon,
Fluffy cloud of candyfloss,
Thinks she is a giant

She sees off the world,
Bogeymen and Burglar Bill
And next door’s Rotties. (or tries to)

Magical liquid; ‘Drink Me’ potions
should always be treated with care.
Shrinking down to five inches
brings untold problems with 
clothes buying and shoes.
Even Barbie’s 
wardrobe will
not fit

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