NaPoWriMo Day Seven: Acrostic

Today’s prompt was one with a twist: write an acrostic poem, but rather than spelling out a word with the first letter of each line, we were challenged to produce something that spelt out a phrase with the first words in each line. You could use whatever you wanted: a line from a poem perhaps, a newspaper headline, a song title… I chose the opening from Dylan Thomas’s Do not go gentle into that good night.

Do good, for as yet goodness is not charged; 
Not measured, outlawed, quantified or banned.
Go graciously, assume the best in everyone,
Gentle in hope and grace, for grace is  gift. Though 
Into hellish deepness still I fear I’m sunk,
That glimpse of light could draw me to a place, where
Good can prevail; though daylight’s darkness grips,
Night  not a friend, yet a companion still.

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