NaPoWriMo Day Five: Poem Prompt

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1. Run ravenously to the bread bin and pull out a piece of putrefying panini as your basic poetic form.

2. Spread with a scraping of butter, first ensuring that you remove any excess green mould. (Anachronisms are not appropriate in contemporary poetry).

3. NOTE, n.b. nota bene, transl: Note to Benny. (Who the **** is Benny?): “Do NOT throw away said mould.  Used sparingly, it will add an excellent patina*  to tomorrow’s prompt:  # Rewrite Keat’s ‘ Ode on a Grecian Urn’ in the style of a Dickensian Novel.” * P.S. will also shine up Ebenezer Scrooge’s brass  door knocker a treat. 

4. Now choose your filling. What’s it to be? Chaucerian Cheese? (that Miller’s Tale was strong stuff); Gaelic  Haggis with neeps on the side? (all one’s emotional innards in one convenient package). Or classic English Stodge (repression reigns )? (‘Ode on  a Thousand School Dinners’). Take your time as your decision here will dictate the ultimate tone of your poem.

5. Sprinkle with a large heaped tablespoonful of seasoning; anything that takes your fancy: artful alliteration, an oozing of onomatopoeia, a pinch of exaggeration…even a hiccup of hyperbole or chewy  caramel  of cliche, (the sky’s the limit here, folks!)

6. Finally, bung it in the microwave on high power for three minutes or blast it under the grill and before you can say “Daffodils” you’ll have a masterpiece that Wordsworth himself would be proud to sink his teeth into. (‘Pedant alert: into which Wordsworth would be proud to sink his teeth)


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