NaPoWriMo Day Four: Alphabet Poem

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I’m back to my own prompts today with an Alphabet poem on the changing seasons. It’s similar to an acrostic. I loved the challenge of trying to mould the form to the topic; well, most of the time, though I admit I was scraping the bottom of the (apple?) barrel with x. Equinox, anyone?

So here we go with Day Four. (which some people call Day Three as that’s when the optional prompt is posted.) Others have already posted and will be publishing Day Five by the time I release this one at breakfast time. Then they’re probably living in Australia and New Zealand. Muddled? So am I…

Apples tumbling from the tree
Breaking down into mush as they rot.
Cider sends wasps into spasms of
Drowsy delight as dregs are drained 
Empty, all flavour spent.
Fruity favourites, lazy days
Gliding through Summer, dreaming of
Holidays yet untaken.
Inching our way into Autumn,
Joyously jettison endless days
Kaleidoscopical patterns 
Leaves scattered, a paintbox richness
Mulches myriad memories: 
Nuts gathered for Winter stores,
Orangey tints mingle russet reds and browns,
Pumpkin fields grinning,
Quietness of a misty evening
Ripeness of a harvest laid to rest.
September spells new beginnings.
Trick or treat, turkey, Thanksgiving,
Umbrellas inside out,
Vibrant, vivid,
Whirlwind word land
Equinox, extra layers of wool,
Yellow Harvest Moon, lemon tasting 

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