NaPoWriMo Day Three: Unusual Words

I decided to follow today’s (optional) prompt: to base my poem round one of the many weird and wonderful words from @HaggardHawks tweets.

So, what did I choose? I wrote an acrostic poem on Vernality: n. (1600s) a Spring-like quality; the greeness and freshness of Springtime. Did they have confetti way back in the 1600s? Maybe they threw rice instead. who knows? Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Verdant, spring green; fresh vers de terre,
Early bird gorges as
Rain-soaked grass yields a rich feast;
Nature’s bounty.
April showers swathes of apple blossom; confetti
Litters lawns mowed heart-shaped. 
Iridescent kaleidoscope of joy
Teeming with newborn promise.
Yellow daffodils trumpet “Welcome!”

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