NaPoWriMo: Early Bird

Image American Bittern by Syed Ahmad on

What is a Poet?

Does being a poet mean:

an obligatory affinity for daffodils?

Drowsy days spent gossiping with your mates
quill in hand,  sunk in a deep  narcotic haze?

Or to stride across the Clwyd Valley,
boots bouncing on a sprung rhythm of:
and the occasional kingfisher?

As we say goodbye to winter **
my “hope…with feathers “* is equally elusive:

Corncrake of the Home Counties,
(tuneless troubadour of time);
The booming Bittern of Berkshire;
Croaking Crow of Creativity.
All of these - and more…

Uniquely “me.”

* Early bird prompt for those of us who can’t wait: to use the poetry of Emily Dickinson as inspiration. Thanks also to Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, Byron, (or rather BBC’s ’Blackadder’s’ portrayal of same!) and of course, never forgetting good old Gerard Manley Hopkins and St Beunos Jesuit Spirituality Centre.

** …with a snow flurry here in Southern UK



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