NaPoWriMo 2022

Believe it or not
I have signed up for

Oh yes. The haiku strikes again! Though I’m planning to experiment and play with other forms as well as I celebrate National Poetry Month by joining poets, would-be poets, should-be poets, and ”I’m just in it for the fun,” poets, in the annual challenge to write 30 poems during the month of April. Read more about this brilliant initiative, started in 2003 by poet Maureen Thorson.

These past months have been difficult ones for me personally, and as for Lent – well…it gets ’Lentier’ every year. So I’m looking forward to playing a little during April, being a bit of a ’Holy Fool;’ (well, the challenge does begin on April Fools Day after all). Then if you’re lucky, I may share some of my output here on Holding Heaven.

Do drop in and visit here or check out some of the other participant’s sites on NaPoWriMo.

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