Pilgrim God II

Pilgrim God,
  I’m back.
 You’ve walked with me on the road;
 stay with me a little longer.
 There are no “Footprints” here;
 no cosy memes clogging up other’s timelines.

 This is real,
 and no one-size-fits-all.
 My spiritual Size Fives
 aren’t someone else’s neatly -fitting Size Threes.

 Yet you died with no shoes on,
 no nothing; 
 everything stripped away.

 “Why have you forsaken me?”
 Your cry echoes down the centuries,
 from the lost, the confused;
 from lonely bedsits;
 hospital bays;
 from accidents, disasters,
 the field of battle
 and scenes of exploitation
 too horrible to mention.

 And sometimes from the hard slog:
 that soul-destroying job;
 exhausted carer;
 the sheer, bone-weary effort
 of getting up to face yet another day.

 Stay with me, God.
 Stay with all of us
 as we hobble along together
 nursing our spiritual (and actual!) bunions;
 our wobbly hearts and our heartache;
 our wonky backs and our bodies
 wearily shouldering our burdens and responsibilities.

 Stay with me, God;
 let me know I’m not alone.
 Give me back that spark of joy:
 of creativity, compassion and love of creation
 to share with my fellow travellers along the road
 wherever the journey takes me.

24.9.21, St Beunos

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