Flying the Atlantic: Sketchbook Project

It’s on its way! Yes – my contribution to the Sketchbook Project is even now winging its way across the Atlantic.

What’s the Sketchbook Project? A collection of over 50,000 sketchbooks housed in the Brooklyn Art library in a quiet street in Williamsburg, NYC. Anyone and everyone, no matter where you live and whether you’re an accomplished artist, or like me, an enthusiastic dabbler, can buy a sketchbook, fill it in anyway you want and launch it back to be borrowed by visitors, taken out on tour, or browsed through in the digital library.

Here’s how it all began for me and why Sketchbook Project Volume 18 has become a transatlantic family effort. It’s probably the first time I’ve ever finished a piece of work ahead of our daughter. I can’t wait to see her book once they’re put into the exhibition towards the end of the year.

You get the chance to choose from a selection of themes, all entirely optional. I plumped for ‘Future Reference.’ Well – it’s good to know that long after I’m gone, some bemused bookworm will get a small glimpse of what one sexegenarian, disorganised, contemplative, spiritual director and would-be creative got up to during the 2020/21 pandemic.

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