A visit to: Jill’s Art Journal

You can find all kinds of strange, strange creatures when you scribble. Look at this menagerie that magically appeared last year when I decided to take a pencil for a walk. I wonder what it says about what’s going on in my subconscious; what do you think? I guess a psychologist would have a field day puzzling that one out. Then again, I don’t know; all my weird creatures look to be getting on just fine with each other.

I discovered the idea of dripping watercolour as background from another arty blogger; I did bookmark her but my reading list went AWOL recently when I changed devices. So if you spot your technique, please do drop us a line and I’ll post an attribution. Thanks for sharing your work and ideas.

Talking of weird creatures – I visited Jill’s Art Journal yesterday to find that she’s been doodling away as well; just look at that adorable little scribble bird! Why not hop over there and admire her collection of weird and wonderful creatures; maybe even have a go at creating your own scribble creations.

Warning: it can be addictive.

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