A Visit to: Roxical Thinking

Hats off to the little things in life! Today I’ve decided to go visiting, with a suitably socially distanced trip over to blogger and writer Roxical Thinking. When I read fellow WordPresser Rox Nicholl’s reflections on The Power of Small Things they really spoke to me. The little things in life are hugely important, taking time out for self-care matters, just being yourself matters. Especially during these difficult times that we’re living through. As she says:

We don’t exist purely as a problem solving capacity. We are not required to be productive every moment of the day to have value and worth.

Rox, thank you for welcoming me into your virtual space. I hope you find time today for a cup of tea or three. I’ve run out of chocolate dessert, but as soon as this is posted I’ll be curling up with a mug of steaming hot Ribena…with ginger!

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