Advent Approaches: Advent Haiku

Advent approaches
Anticipation holding
Hands with our waiting.

We’re almost there…Advent, the season of anticipation and longing, wonder and waiting leading up to Christmas, begins shortly. I enjoy blogging a special series at this time of the year; it’s fun, plus it helps me to focus on the essentials as I try to hold on to the ‘Reason for the Season,’ amidst the colour and razzmatazz. You can have all the razzmatazz you want come Christmas itself! Don’t forget that there are ‘Twelve Days of Christmas.’ (well- for UK readers, only five this year, thanks to a certain virus!)

In 2019 I worked through an Advent ABC; this year I’ve decided to blog a haiku each day. I love the simplicity of this ancient, Japanese form of verse; the way it distils its subject down to its essence, captures a moment in time. I remember as a teen, walking the beaches searching for pebbles to polish. To me, writing a haiku is like drawing (or trying to draw) the essential spirit out of a moment; being part of that moment, reflecting on it. Just like searching for ‘ordinary’ treasure on the Norfolk sands.

I guess that purists might point out that my small offerings don’t meet all the criteria to qualify as a true haiku, though I’ll try to stick to the traditional 17 syllable, 5-7-5 structure. Why not think of my ‘pebbles’ as being homemade ornaments that I’m adding to an Advent wreath; each one unique yet part of the whole. Or even beads on a rosary or prayer rope; I find poetry and prayer often go together, after all.

Oh, and a message to all liturgical nuts: I’m not planning on sticking strictly to the lectionary themes either. What will be will be.

So, Advent haiku begins on Sunday. I hope that you enjoy reading them. Maybe you’ll even feel inspired to write some of your own. If so, I’d love to see them.

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