Blog Gremlins

Are you all sitting confortably dear readers from the land of Then I’ll begin! If you visit from Org or elsewhere, ignore this post.

When Holding Heaven had a facelift a few months ago, it moved to (sshhh… the other place: And a very comfortable home it is too. But like all moves to a new place it takes a while to find your way around, rearrange the furniture in the new rooms and settle in.

If you followed me in Reader, you’ll still be able to see my posts, as I’ve kept up my original account. Just one click should redirect you over to my new place, thanks to the magic of my virtual flying carpet.

But alas, alack, I’ve noticed this cute little chappie hanging around lately, causing mischief and mayhem. (I suspect he was smuggled in with the Halloween pumpkins.) Put more succinctly:

  1. He pinches Featured Images. If you visited me in Cats and Cathedrals, via the Reader post header, you might be under the impression that I had a panoramic view of a giant cat from my retreat house window. Not so! You have been sorely misled. Use the other door: the little box with an arrow pointing from it (bottom left of the Reader excerpt) and Abracadabra! You’ll be instantly transported to the iconic sight of Salisbury Cathedral by night and the post as it was writ…or meant to be writ anyway.
  2. He’s made off with the ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ features as well. Never mind. Why not jump aboard that flying carpet and visit me in my new place. (No need to quarantine), where you can comment as much as you like.
  3. He’s stolen the blogroll. Honestly, why some folk insist on stockpiling when there’s plenty to go round, escapes me. What’s that you say? WordPress doesn’t have a blogroll? Aagh! Never mind, I’ll have a word with my friendly web designer, (who even now is poking about in the innards of HH with a lance) and we’ll fix up some sort of Subscribe feature. I’d hate to lose my regulars.
  4. Org doesn’t have a Reader feature; I can only access it through my old place, so I may be slower than usual reading and responding to your posts. I can’t actually see them in my new pad. (See, I’m not blaming this on you, Gremlin!)
  5. And lastly… take the Gutenberg block editor. (Oh please do take it, Mr Gremlin, you’re welcome to it). Sigh. I’ll get the hang of it eventually.

So, in a very large nutshell- come visit. Excuse me now- would you believe it, another of those dratted critters has just popped up. Where’s my anti-monster spray and my GPS? I must go and find that Featured Image icon!

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