Cats and Cathedrals

I love gazing into and out of windows.

Not in a voyeuristic sense, I hasten to add, in case anybody gets the wrong idea. No- it’s more a sense of being drawn into the centre of a living picture; of being granted witness to a transitory yet unique piece of the theatre of everyday life; of sensing the beauty, joy, sadness, mundanity yet at the same time strange depths of our ordinary existence.

Artist Robin Golden-Hann wrote: The unattended moment is one in which the Divine may make itself known to us as deep calls to deep. (Notes to Ikon).

A few weeks ago I spent time in retreat, and this was the glorious view that I could see from my window. Truly “iconic;”many of those times I sat gazing out over Salisbury Cathedral, I felt most in the moment; present to myself and to the Spirit.

The other day I spotted this little critter through another window as I made my way back from the shops: an absolutely adorable, pint-sized kitten curled up in its ‘nest,’ watching the world go by. I looked at him/her and he/she looked at me. I was enchanted! It brightened up the greyness of that rainy afternoon no end.

“Iconic?” Yes. Of course. The world is charg’ed with the grandeur of God , (thanks, Gerard Manley-Hopkins), and that applies as much to the ‘ little ones’ as to the Grade1 Listed creations of this world. As we head into winter darkness and another period of lockdown, I’ll be praying to keep my eyes opened and my senses undefended (my rewording of the icon writer’s notes).

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