Sewing Seeds

Can you spot the deliberate mistake? No? Well, anybody who knows me well will have realised that I’m neither a seamstress nor a gardener. Sewing or sowing, it’s much the same in my book; Could do better…


Which is why I’m quietly excited about these little chap (esses). Yes, after ten years or more of stops and starts, WE HAVE Honesty plants…Lunaria Annua, Money Plants, or whatever you want to call them. If you knew the nail-biting, head-scratching, navel-gazing that’s gone into all this, you’ll realise it’s a big deal for me. One of those times when I look back on my journey and take heart from the fact that though the going is tough and things don’t always work out the way I’d envisaged, YET growth is growth and everyone’s seeds are unique.

So what if we sprout wild flowers on our front lawn and mow round the clumps of daisies, dandelions and buttercups. That’s the way we are!

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