What if the Magi never arrived?

Do we stay put quietly,

pretending it was all in our imagination?

Do we stay safe,

shielded from a world of fires, sickness, exile and injustice,

facing the new decade alone, unblessed?

Or do we dare to dream?

To step out anyway,

joining the host of travellers

who moved off into the unknown

to follow the star by a different route.

Knowing that gifts may come at a price,

but that freely embraced they can

lead us to lands beyond our imaginings.

January 2020

I wrote ‘Travellers’ back in January, during the season of Epiphany. It was birthed out of a misunderstanding, now overcome, happily. Over the time since it’s been growing, taking on new layers of meaning. Who could have foreseen then what the future held? Not me!

Now that we’re taking faltering steps out of pandemic lockdown towards a ‘new normal’ with its joys and uncertainties, it seems almost prescient, on so many different levels.

Or am I letting my imagination run away with me?

Either way, it’s giving me new insight into the meaning of Epiphany.

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