Summer Afternoons…

Me after 5 weeks of lockdown and no haircut…Well, you can dream! My last unaired haiku, dredged out of the archives, isn’t exactly topical either; having a Christmas focus. So, let’s “spread the goodies” (which as my family know, is Mum’s favourite saying ). It will improve with keeping, like a ripening cheese.

Is there such a thing as a ripened haiku, I wonder?

Instead, here’s another poem to brighten up this  grey, rainy day: It’s of the same vintage as Summer Days and Villanelle. Son, if you stumble across this, I hope you’re not too embarrassed to meet your 7 year old self again. This was you and your friend, J, playing your favourite make-believe. Do you remember Paper Guys?

Who needs Lego or Playmobil!

Summer Afternoon

Two small boys

unlocking the door to another place

Precious scraps hoarded like gold;

excited whispers.

Clash of scissors!

Pale corpses litter the carpet

Vacuum shrieks back, defeated;

breath crumpling in dust-covered lungs.

Years pass.

Changing their cardboard cut outs

for Love, Hate, Life and Death;

A world is formed

By our “Paper Guys.”

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