When I look at your heavens

What a great time for some lockdown  stargazing! Clear skies…few planes…silence…tranquility.

I’m hoping to spot the starlink satellites, though so far, I’ve had no joy. However there’s been a steady, bright light way up there  that’s got us wondering:  too large and clearly visible  to be a star. A satellite maybe? Here it is centre top through a maze of tree branches. (No,  I know not the street lamp on the right hand side of the picture).

Could it be a planet? suggested DH. I checked. Great excitement!  We think we may be looking at Venus. Venus: bringer of peace according to Gustav Holst’s The Planet’s Suite.

I still remember my  sense of mind- boggling awe as a child, gazing at a picture of the planets at the back of my school atlas; being totally unable to get my brain round the sheer immensity of the universe. That and Holst’s work have always been  linked  together in my mind. Doesn’t it just capture that awe-  inspiring feeling of ‘otherness.’2A502A82-8B96-4A93-A84F-C5E181047FE0

That sense probably dates back even farther than that. Here’s a journal spread I made a few years ago of the closing lines of  Happy Days, a favourite bedtime read when I was a toddler. Do any other readers of my vintage remember it?

Night night, sleep tight

the stars are bright,

and ‘clinkling’ up on high.

And very soon

the shining moon

will sail across the sky.

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