Happy Easter!


Easter greetings from our little corner of the globe. Well…what can I say? This Lent has been the Lentiest Lent I’ve ever known. I’d never have imagined it in a thousand years.

Last time I blogged, both Mr S and I were suffering from the lurgy. In my case, this led to a chest infection, laying me low for a good few weeks, after which I emerged to find…well…not much left to which to emerge! We were into self isolation way before it became a thing. I’ve had pneumonia several times over my lifetime and didn’t want to give it an excuse to rear its ugly head once more.

Still, we’re both recovered and back to normal.  Albeit  the new ‘normal’ as we try to navigate ourselves round this weird, surreal, scary, yet at times oddly peaceful, world of pandemic lockdown. We’re both in that group who will probably never know whether what we had was Covid19 or not, though our symptoms certainly matched up . It’s safest to assume we haven’t, I guess.

So on we go: DH time trialling on Zwift; myself meeting with my directees by phone and video call. Our days centered round the daily government briefing. (That it should come to this!) Getting to grips with using Zoom, Houseparty, and reimagining everyday activities. Joining (at a suitable distance of course) in the new sense of community that’s springing up as neighbours join resources to help those needing to shield and self isolate.  One person said they’d had more contact with the folk in their road in a week than in the five years since they’d moved into the area!  Shopping has been dropped off, hints on home schooling exchanged and batches  of old fabric and sheeting  are being made  into scrubs for hospital staff. 

I wish I could say that I’ve thrown myself into the  surge of creativity that’s inspired so many people to put pen to paper, invent memes, tweet, draw, paint, compose and otherwise share great and profound truths about the place we find ourselves. But I’d be fibbing.  For me it’s more a case of one step at a time; slow and steady.  Stay open to what might be. Perhaps all those retreats I’ve enjoyed or plodded my way through have left their mark.

I’ll leave you with this wonderful piece that speaks to me of Easter hope: the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and 243 musicians from around the globe in a magnificent rendition of  Vivaldi’s Gloria.












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