What DOES a Spiritual Director do?

photo of standing woman covered in paint holding color palette and paint brush posing while looking down
Photo by Artem on Pexels.com

Aren’t random thoughts…well… ‘ random?’ The other day I wondered aloud on Twitter: If  ‘ a priest tries to colour in God,’ (Stewart Henderson- Priestly Duties), ‘ what does a spiritual director do?’ Help people create their own palette, maybe?

One tweeter? tweetee? responded  that their director helped them to look back on the colouring they’d done,  reflect on how it has changed over time and how they tend to reach out to some colours more than others.

I like it! On reflection, I’d say that mine also encourages me to create new colours, to reach out and discover those that I might not even have realised existed.

Now I wonder what my own seekers might say if I were to ask them the same question!

So, you readers and bloggers out there with spiritual directors, mentors, life coaches, therapists or anybody else who travels alongside you, how would you describe what they ‘do?’ I wonder what new or unusual images best capture the essence of the relationship? 




8 thoughts on “What DOES a Spiritual Director do?”

  1. Mostly mine keeps assuring me that I’m not crazy. That takes some guts, & is exactly what I need!

    Though every now and then she uses a phrase or throws a question to me that makes me rethink things. We are just similar enough to be able to relate, but different enough that she can challenge me to stretch my understanding. It’s a good match, TBTG!

  2. In a way, yes. That’s a good analogy. I won’t style your beard for you but by listening, reflecting back what I see and hear, making the odd comment or observation, I can help you uncover barbering skills that you may not have realised you possessed! How does that sound?


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