Let Me Know

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I wrote Let Me Know during a retreat back in 2018. I wasn’t in the best of places healthwise, felt exhausted, anxious, disconnected from my faith and generally blaahh… I remember telling my retreat guide that as far as I was concerned, everything was up for grabs.  I needed to go back to basics.

Let Me Know was my prayer. It was written during the same week as To See Your Glory.  Looking back at them now, I think it’s clear that my prayer was answered, don’t you?

Let me know:

that I am loved

that you are there

that today isn’t the end of the road

but a lay-by on the edge of the route

climbing up to a land of giddy possibility.


Help me see:

the colours of joy

the face of love

that place where I’ve never visited before

yet which has always spelt home and resting place.


Help me hear:

the sounds of peace

your song of love

murmuring clear above the cacophony

of my jumbled thoughts

and muddled memories.


And help me feel:

that sense of you

your touch of love

that you are here

always- closer to me than my own breathing.



Let me know…







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