New Year: New Poetry Page

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Introducing a new page for Holding Heaven: a space where I can house some of the  poems that I’ve written over the years. Maybe I should rename  this post Poems in the HEAVENLY Waiting Room!

I  well remember writer Adrian Plass’s   recall of   sundry  embarrassing occasions when he’d  be   approached by a would-be poet, (generally a lady of a certain age), intent on sharing their latest poetic output with the world in the certainty that God has given it to me.

His inward response: I can see why God wanted to get rid of it!

And this before the advent of the World Wide Web… oh dear…

I hope that anybody who reads my offerings will take them in the spirit in which they were originally  written,  as a means of prayer and meditation.  I’d dare to hope  – divinely inspired, yet very human; a collaborative effort between mind and spirit.






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