My Three Favourite Art Journaling Books

Following on from Confidence, Creativity and the Procrastination Trap,  here are three books that I love:

Quinn Mcdonald’s Raw Art Journaling is  like a breath of fresh air. If like me, you feel like  a total non-artist and writer, and are scared off by the sight off all those multilayer, mixed- media works scattered  over the internet,  creative coach Quinn  gives you permission to be imperfect,  helps you to silence your inner ‘gremlin’  and offers you simple techniques that enable you to make meaning with your words and  art.

There’s no need to buy up half the stock in Michaels or WH Smith either; just use supplies that you already have lying around the house. (at last, a use for that pile of junk mail!). It’s what inspired my experiments with Found poetry.

Sybil McBeth: Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God

Brilliant for the visual or kinesthetic learner; great for those of us who have a tendency to live in our head, or just anybody who gets the fidgets every time they hear Let us pray. 

But surely doodling can’t be real prayer? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! I’ve led several workshops using Sybil’s method and still remember that breakthrough  moment when a VIP visitor brought a current urgent  and dangerous situation for our intercession. It became real then all right. As Sybil says, For many of us, using only words to pray reduces God by the limits of our finite words.

Somerset Studio quarterly,

DD made me a present of last Spring’s magazine for my birthday. What a treasure trove of ideas for creating with paper and mixed-media in all its forms! It’s not just a magazine, more a book in its own right. Where else could you find features on fabric dyeing with avocado stones, altered books and glorious background papers just waiting to find a new home in your journal?

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