Confidence and avoiding the Procrastination Trap!

E83BC6D0-A5E2-47D5-A32E-546A0F96A5BCHave you ever waited forever  for a bus, only for two or three to arrive at the same time?



Would you believe it- after my post yesterday on confidence and the creative process, and my DH’s pointer to It’s Ok to suck at Your Hobby, what should I come across but  a reflection by Kristal Norton telling her story of how she overcame the procrastination trap and discovered her own authentic creative path.

It’s so easy to fall into,  isn’t it? I know I’ve been there, far too often! Tumbling down that  rabbit hole of ‘research,’  like a latter day Alice in Wonderland, I spend  so much time admiring all the wonderful artists and creatives out there on , t’interweb and comparing my  own efforts to theirs that I  end up with a severe case of analysis paralysis. 

It’s so encouraging to hear other people’s stories and to know that I’m not alone in this. (Thanks, Kristal.)  Your description of  the change begun by  taking part in a 30 Day challenge reminded me of my own experience  of the  Inktober  and the Index Card a Day challenge last summer holiday. Being away from home, (with wonky Wi-Fi) and limited art supplies really helped me focus. (Well, as much as you can in a 35C+ heatwave). It was such fun using whatever came to hand like a ticket, store receipt, or even a chocolate wrapper  and see what emerged.  I loved it.

My cards may not have been tops in the Instagram stakes, but I wasn’t half pleased with myself. Now I have these beautiful creations to look back on as a reminder that  a) the process is as much the part of my journey as any ‘product’ and b) that my path is my path, unique to myself. I can learn from others, of course; we all need encouragement and affirmation.  Sharing with my fellow travellers- good; tying myself into metaphorical knots? That’s for white rabbits, Cheshire cats and Dodos!










































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