C is for Contemplation and Creativity

What’s the driving force behind your decision to begin blogging?

 Holding Heaven sprung from my experiences of contemplation and creativity both on and offline; experiences which have changed the way I look at the world and certainly influenced my spirituality.  But they date back many years before that. So for today’s post, I’ve decided to recycle (or should that be reweave) some musings  from my previous blog. I enjoy looking back at the pattern of life as it was, savour its current design and look forward to what new images might emerge in the future.

C is for Contemplation and Creativity was part of my A-Z Challenge.

I’ve written plenty about creativity, whether improvising a raincoat out of carrier bags for a much-loved teddybear in the wilds of the Western Highlands of Scotland,  discovering Praying in Color,  taking part in Journal 52 and Kick in the Creatives, finding weird epitaphs,  composing Found Poetry from the National Trust Magazine, The Big Issue, and assorted junk mail, or whiling away the hours in retreat house art spaces.

The older I get, the more I’ve   found   new forms of creativity and revisiting old ones to be a source of sustenance…and fun! Quite something from from someone who couldn’t do art at school. Nearly 50 years later, (please no, that’s half a century), I still  can’t do it, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.   Creativity in its widest form goes way beyond simply ‘producing’ a tangible product, be that painting, sculpture, novel,  or piece of  music. It’s more a state of mind, an attitude towards the process of becoming, an openess to new discoveries about self and the world, the anticipation of possibility.

Not to forget the importance of  resting rooted in what is. Stopping to smell the flowers…or the coffee… Good old William Blake put it so aptly, didn’t he?

So- not  all my tangible  ‘creations,’ are online, in fact most of them stay hidden inside my journals, to be shared with a select few; sometimes  in the context of working through personal issues. You see, I’m an expert at censoring my own writing, but as I’ve discovered, this isn’t nearly as easy to do when you’re working with colour and images. Your inner self will out. Or to misquote a certain advert of yesteryear: Creativity  refreshes the parts that other activities cannot reach!












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