Looking Back/Looking Forward: Happy New Year

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The family have gone home, DH’s post-Christmas pudding is bubbling gently away on the stove and I’ve a glass of leftover New Year’s wine at my elbow. What better time to look back at my Top Four  Most Viewed posts in 2019. Here they are:

4. Dodgy Advent Crowns, Annunciations and good old Graham Kendrick in Advent ABC: A is for Angels

3.  Shine into my darkness… At the end of February  I took 24 hours time  away on retreat and A Prayer for the beginning of Lent was born.

2. Chocolate, temptation and toxic religion (plus a hint of Johnny Depp????) in Lent, grace and the shadow.

and last but definitely not least

1. Thomas Merton, the Samaritan Woman and being known  at Revisiting the Well: “Unknowing God.”

I hope you enjoy them. When I was browsing through my  stats (the virtual, not the physical thank goodness!) was I  surprised to see that the numerically ‘popular’ blogs actually matched up with those  that had been both enjoyable and challenging  (a struggle even) in the writing!   But on reflection- I can recognise  a common thread running through each of  them. Can you spot it?

Yes- Encounter. And isn’t that just what Holding Heaven is all about?!

Happy New Year and  best wishes for 2020!












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