Advent ABC: Unseen

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From Advent Weekly reflections, Living out our Faith: Looking Beyond Ourselves (Church of England):

…Who is it in our communities that we need to make space for? Who is unseen? We need to lose our preoccupation with the castles of the world and remember the sheds.

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Who is Unseen?  


Unseen UK: Working towards a world without slavery.

The Big Issue Foundation: our mission is to dismantle poverty by creating opportunity

Age UK

Crisis at Christmas

These are just a few of the  organisations I know  that work with the unseen and the marginalised in our communities here in the UK. Of course there are many more groups working locally: homeless shelters, soup kitchens, befriending schemes…the list is never ending.

So yes- Who are the unseen in your country, city, town, neighbourhood, even your street? Might they be closer to you  than you think? 









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