Advent ABC: Q is for Quiet

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How silently, how silently

The wondrous gift is given…

– Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

I’d several topics lined up for today’s post: Quirinius, Quest and Quiet. Quiet has won  because time is running out. This evening we visited  today’s ‘window’ in the Living Advent Calendar, followed by a session making gift labels;  which was so much fun that I forgot to look at the clock, (help!) I draft my Advent ABC in advance, and there’s not much ‘advance’ left tonight. My brain can’t cope with anything too complicated past a certain time or else I turn into a pumpkin!

Luckily, I chanced across Cara Callbeck’s reflections about Advent and Profound Silence in the DOTMAGIS Blog. She points out how so many of our sacred, holy moments are marked by silence, reminds us of the message of 1 Kings: 19  and invites us to ponder what precious and holy moments might be waiting for us if we pause and accept God’s invitation into this quietness.

An invitation I shall accept.

God-incidence, Synchronicity, (or whatever you want to call it) is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?









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