Advent ABC: A is for Angels

Dancing Angels_dancing_sun_Giovanni_di_Paolo_Condé_Chantillyis for Angels Anticipation and Annunciation: 

Rumours of angels, visions of light. Graham Kendrick’s  classic song sets the scene. It’s One of my advent favourites even after all these years.

Here’s one I made earlier. None of us British  Baby Boomers will ever forget our Blue Peter Christmases! *That wonky Advent Crown would never make the grade nowadays, would it? Talk about  a health and safety disaster waiting to happen! Get down Shep!!

aren’t there annunciations

of one sort or  another

in most lives?

Jim Manney reflects on Denise Levertov’s ‘Annunciation’ and asks: Who is the messenger God is sending to you? What is the message?


What other Advent ‘As’ can you think of? I’d love to hear them. Do share in the comments.


(* Disclaimer: the offensive remark made by one youtube commenter here saddens me  and  does not in any way reflect my views)






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