On Creativity & Finding Your “Thing”

Jessica Kinsella’s reflections on Creativity and Finding Your “Thing” really resonate with me as someone who’s spent many of my threescore years to date like Gerald the Giraffe in Giles Andreae’s ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance.’ Have I found my “thing” now? I’m not sure, but as I wrote in my About Page, the process of creativity has played a major part in my own self-discovery. Above all, it’s fun!

2 thoughts on “On Creativity & Finding Your “Thing””

  1. Have you read/heard Liz Gilbert talk about hummingbirds vs jackhammers? It really helped me when I heard that philosophy because I really felt all over the place with my interests 🙂 Even though I have painting, the other half of me is still called to all sorts of things. And it IS fun, right? ♥️


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