Freedom to Express Yourself: an Inspiration Notebook



If you enjoyed the Rumi poem I blogged yesterday, do go search out more of his work. Rumi, (1207-1273) was a Sufi mystic and poet. I love the simplicity, beauty and depth of his reflections, his way of weaving a picture with words. It puts me in mind of the throwsters threads I have  for soap felting; a glorious kaleidoscope of silken fragments left over from sari making,  so beautiful in themselves that I almost hesitate to use them!

Anyway- yesterday’s quote was taken from an impulse pressie from our son, which he discovered in a charity shop: Freedom to Express Yourself (LOM Art, 2017), an Amnesty International collaboration with over 30 renowned artists, writers, poets, thinkers and activists to create this beautiful anthology and notebook in celebration of our right to freedom of expression. A right worth celebrating and giving thanks for, bearing in mind the many people worldwide for whom respect of  this right is merely a dream.

There are too many contributors for me to name here, but if I mention Children’s Laureate Sir Quentin Blake, Lord of the Rings artist Alan Lee, Mahatma Gandhi, Harper Lee, Bob Marley and good old William Shakespeare, it gives you a tiny glimpse of the treasures that lie waiting to be uncovered within the covers. (excuse the pun!). And if browsing through all these inspires you to creative heights  yourself, there are oodles of blank pages  just ready to receive your scribbles, doodles, drawings and musings. Who knows what it might lead to!


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