Not Greenbelt 2019: 2

So…what did I get up to at #notgb19?



– I enjoyed breakfast delivered to my ‘tent.’ (You don’t get room service at the real thing, you know!)

– Viewed all kinds of quirky art installations- and tried my hand at a few myself. Have you ever spruced up a three-legged sheep?

– Enjoyed gluten-free scones at one cafe and luscious coffee cake at another whilst watching the swans go by.

– A bowl of homemade popcorn and the latest copy of The Big Issue; what could be better!

– That pop-pop boat was fun to play with, even if it didn’t quite pick up speed.

– Early morning birdwatching  on the ‘campsite.’

– Camels! camel in my version of #notgb19.

– Church, the bricks and mortar type, with an unintended Greenbelt twist.

– Here’s one I made earlier…at my own art journaling workshop.

– Joining in with other Not Greenbelters across the time zones in saying the Daily Office

– Reading  about all the weird and wonderful things  other folk were up to at Not Greenbelt.



and much, much more.


Would I do it all again? Yes! (Though I would like to get back to the festival itself next year). Still, given that I just didn’t feel well enough to cope with the delights of greenfield camping this summer, it was a lovely way of ‘being’ in the Greenbelt spirit  with other like-minded souls. I’d wondered at first if ‘doing’ a virtual  festival might seem  artificial (and I’m  not entirely sure if I ‘get’ Twitter!). But as the weekend wore on I was surprised at how right and    grounding  it felt. I wasn’t deliberately seeking out activities that I could tweet about, (well ok, there were a couple!), yet I had an increasing sense of slowing down and being more intentional about my daily routine, savouring my experiences and yes, a sense of energy and  of celebration.

A sense of God. A fun-loving and compassionate God. All minus the physical strain, disturbed nights, and damp feet! Not forgetting  portaloos…Greenbelters will know what I’m talking about!

So thanks to the fellow GB volunteer who first suggested I try #notgb in case she reads this. And to Graham Hartland and co for founding it in the first place.






























3 thoughts on “Not Greenbelt 2019: 2”

  1. I once went to Greenbelt years ago when Sheila Cassidy was the main speaker for the Sunday service (with 20,000 people in attendance.) I was expecting a big “conference” but – wow- had so much fun @ this huge party-like event with headliner bands & so much to do! Glad you enjoyed your not-Greenbelt- maybe some of us across the pond can join in #notgb next year! ☀️????????????☀️

    • I think still get a fair few visitors from across the Atlantic. I guess the virtual festival is more eco-friendly, for obvious reasons. But the GB family has crossed The Pond, you know; don’t you have the Wildgoose gathering?


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