Not Greenbelt 2019

Here’s my home from home at the 2018 Greenbelt Festival. This year,  I took a sabbatical. But guess what? I didn’t miss out, but instead  had a whale of a time at #notgb19 which  runs on Twitter over the holiday weekend. For an ‘entrance fee’  of a contribution to the Big Issue Foundation, you can have  your own unique  festival at home, (no more mud and damp clothes!) and share in the experiences of others who for various reasons can’t manage the real thing. As at all good festivals, we cleared up after ourselves, though you can still find discreet traces of prayer yurts, conversations over cuppas in the tea tent, the bar, music, scary goings-ons in the worship venue, and of course, seminars and workshops. (I still haven’t worked out why my offering of ‘How to tackle the ironing mountain in 30C heat’ was so poorly attended!) We even had a predictive text hymn writing contest. Immortal Jellyfish, Godzilla,  is my favourite.



More to follow…







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