Altered Books: Love Letters

Every picture tells a story. Here’s my Great Aunt again. Like many women of that generation she never married. Her fiance died during the Great War of 1914-18. I remember her telling me the tale of how she asked for time off from work to say goodbye to him as he left for France. Permission was refused, but she went anyway. Farewell job! (HR didn’t exist in those days). Tough times!

I love the two cards exchanged between Ivy and George (below). Aren’t they beautiful; the left hand one with embroidery still unfaded by time and the other with its cheery, optimistic message.

Let skies be gold, or skies be grey,

A merry heart goes all the day.

No outer ill can fret or fright

When all within is blithe  and bright.

And such a merry heart and true

I wish, with all my heart to you.

It’s so poignant to read it now, knowing what sorrows lay ahead.


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  1. What a beautiful card & poem – how precious to have these treasured mementos of your great aunt’s life. Thank you for sharing this today. I was blessed to know two of my great aunts – formidable & inspirational women who blazed a trail. (My great Aunt Margaret who taught for years & years was also an elder in her Presbyterian church.) ????????????????


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