Altered Books: More treasures from the Crayon Box

Here’s the latest from my altered book project. The past week or so has seen me delving into our boxes of vintage family photos. Have you ever wondered whether there’s a way to preserve these treasured memories, even as the originals fade – and to give them new life for the younger generation? I’m hoping that my latest craze might help. Besides, even if it doesn’t, it’s fun, relaxing, and a perfect excuse for using up all the bits and bobs from my craft stash!

The little girl in the photo, we think is one of two great aunts, both real characters and favourites of mine.  My father’s side of the family, as far as I can tell, came originally from South London and East Anglia, before spreading out into the home counties of the United Kingdom. You can see from the label on the RH page that the photographer was one Jonas Wright of Fakenham, Norfolk.  Good old Jonas! He’s obviously  from what I love  to call the ‘Parlour Palm and Aspidistra’ school of formal portrait photography; with just a chair, a plant or a rug as props, and perhaps, if we’re feeling daring, the family dog or a painted backdrop of a sylvan glade in the background. Plenty of stern, Victorian Paterfamilias complete with impressively carved pocket watch on display and sporting even more impressive twirly moustaches!

As I delve into the box, it’s interesting to see how the style changes as we move from Victorian into Edwardian times and the less formal postcard photo becomes fashionable, presumably as more people owned their own cameras.

I wonder what they would say if they could see us now; photos at the click of a screen and the family album on a device the size of a small notebook?

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