In the Crayon Box 2

Here’s an ICAD update and another batch of treasures for the Crayon Box.

I’m cheating slightly here, as I’ve fallen into the habit of preparing cards in batches, and I may well add to them later. I’d some leftover paint, (I’ve been experimenting with gouache) and it seemed a shame to waste it. Acrylics give me a headache, so when I was browsing through The Works the other day I decided to treat myself.

Thanks to  Jill of Weird Birds fame for suggesting I try a new medium!

I’m especially pleased with the soft colours in bottom row left; the results of my very first go with the paints, which I then tore up and collaged on to the card..

So on we go. Only a couple of weeks left to go- and do you know, I’m going to miss ICAD. What next, I wonder?

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