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It’s not long since I got back from holiday- ten days in sunny France; and boy, was it sunny, with the ‘canicule’ reaching a whopping 38C where we were in Alsace! After some gentle sightseeing, I’d barely enough energy to do more than snooze, read, and drag myself over to the pool, where I’d lurk, submerged in the shallows like a hippo in the mud.

But I did manage to pack some colouring supplies in my case, and here are the results: some of my  creations for the 2019 Index-Card-a -Day creative challenge, hosted by Tammy of Daisy Yellow Art.

The brief is to simply create something ( drawing, painting, collage, whatever), every day during June and July; and here’s the thing: on an index card. Cheap, portable and you can find them in any stationery shop. I already had a pile that our daughter gave me last year, which I’d saved specially for ICAD 2019. So I couldn’t really back out now, could I?

I’ll admit to not  joining the various support groups, or following any of the (purely optional) prompts. Nor am I on Instagram! There’s method in my madness; I know myself only too well and I know  that it would be only too easy to fall down a virtual rabbit hole and spend valuable time admiring other folks’ beautiful creations rather than doing my own.  The object, after all, is in the process of creation, rather than aiming for a ‘perfect’ product to show off. (Methinks there are parallels here to the spiritual journey, but that’s a subject for another post).

So how’s it been so far? Great fun!. Being on holiday I had limited supplies and fell into the habit of incorporating all sorts of bits and bobs into my cards: lettering from a bakery bag, a store tag from a new top, a receipt, a paper napkin, soap wrapper, the design on our hotel bathroom floor… There’s a serendipity in waiting to see how it all comes together each day. Now I’m home I’m continuing in like vein. I get inspiration from the strangest places: the other day I’d been experimenting with red, green and yellow colours from a set of crayons given me by our son, when I found the tomato pics from the leaflet that came with last week’s fruit and veg box were just asking to join them, so onto the card they went!

So on we go. July is yet young! I’d love to know if anyone reading this is taking part in ICAD this year. How are you getting along?

Meanwhile- I’m popping my cards  into a new page on Holding Heaven- The Crayon Box.

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  1. Sunny France, sounds like a delightful holiday – lucky & blessed are you!! And what about the French food? details, details so we can enjoy it vicariously through you! ????????????☀️????☀️


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