Summer Collection: 2

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666B33C8-B5DB-43DE-A239-7FCBFAE64978Good afternoon! Off we go again into my ‘treasure chest’ of poems from times long past: today- a Kyrielle, a French poetic  form, with associations with the troubadour tradition.

Riffling through the pictures I took the other week during a holiday in Somerset, this photo from the gardens of the Bishop’s Palace seemed best to capture the mood of my words. It’s strange, isn’t it, how two works so many years apart can sit alongside each other.


Kyrielle (untitled)

Sew me a perfect Summer’s day

of whispy cotton twined through bright

blue silky folds, and citrus ray

spinning a thread of gentle light.


A time to be; to linger here

cocooning skeins, threads softened white.

Lay down your needle, hover near,

my mending warmth- your gentle light.



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