Summer Collection

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I wrote a while ago about the power of revisiting memories and of  our little dogs showing us the sheer joy of living in the moment.

Don’t you just love those  spontaneous discoveries of ‘treasure,’ those ‘golden moments!’ The other day, during a rare clear up, I unearthed a bunch of poems I wrote almost 20 years ago, maybe even earlier. So, to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of Summer, here’s Spring Festival:

After forty days and forty nights

Snowdrops drip their way into the wings,

Spring highlights

a flurry of forsythia.

Brash daffs polishing tarnished trumpets

weave a mixed melody.

After the gold rush, smoke gets in your eyes


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    It’s February, outside it’s grey and damp. Inside, the beloved and I are laid low by the dreaded lurgy. We need sunshine! But in the absence of same, some virtual daffs must be the next best thing. Here’a a reblog of ‘Spring Festival.’


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