Going Slow: Pilgrimages and Retreats


Spring has sprung! The May flower is out; according to the old saying it’s clout- casting weather. Living in the UK, I imagine we’re talking about stowing our boots away and casting our woolly tights and furry boots to the winds. My personal definition of Spring or Summer is when it’s warm enough to take up the spiritual practice of sharing my breakfast cup of tea  out in the garden with our two dogs, miscellaneous insect and bird life. A time of peace before the cares and stresses of the day begin to crowd into my mind. It’s what Macrina Wiederkehr calls the Prayer of the Teacup.

I’ve also (hurray!)  helped the process of spiritual clout-casting by booking a retreat at my favourite place, St Beunos the Jesuit Spirituality Centre in North Wales. True, it’s not until late autumn, so there’ll be a few thermal base layers packed in my luggage, but never mind, it will be lovely to be back there again, and well worth the wait; retreats there get booked up very quickly. Meanwhile, the teacup school of spirituality is the order of the day!0E86C683-8126-4DE0-B8F2-6734250DF872

For more  information on retreats and pilgrimage, here’s a helpful feature  in  the Church Times.











2 thoughts on “Going Slow: Pilgrimages and Retreats”

  1. I knew we were kindred spirits before, but now finding out you are also a groupie of Macrina Wiederkehr makes it a for sure thing! I have been treasuring her words for many (many) years. Teacup prayer blessings!! 🙂

  2. Thanks! I have a much thumbed copy of a Tree Full of Angels, (I think I must have had it in mind subconsciously when I named this blog) and Seasons of Your Heart. I maybe don’t read her as much as I used to nowadays, but somehow the ‘teacup’ way of prayer has stayed with me over the years in its simplicity. 🙂


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