A Prayer for the beginning of Lent

31ABE0A9-B012-4AAA-A72B-CD93B131D465Spirit of God, shine into my darkness.

Help me to see and use your gifts

in the time I have left:

the balm of compassion,

the energy and spark of creativity,

the boundless possibilities of faith.

But above all, love.


Let me hold it gently like a precious jewel;

gaze into its fathomless depths

as into the eyes of an old friend;

seeing myself reflected there.

Joyfully accepting your invitation

into the whirlwind dance of eternal being,

where no words are needed,

all masks removed,

and our whole selves

are as one with you.

– J Sigrist,  Cold Ash Retreat Centre 28.2.19


3 thoughts on “A Prayer for the beginning of Lent”

    • Thank you Virginia! I was so fortunate to be able to take 24 hours away on retreat the other week. I had the whole place to myself, apart from the community. It was a wonderful lead up to the beginning of Lent.


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