Writes of Passage: Musings of a Middle-Aged Spider

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What  modern invention do you find most useful? What handy gadget could you never manage without?

For me, it’s the computer. (Though 100 denier opaque tights or pantyhose run it a close second). My handwriting looks as if a spider jumped into an ink pot before cha-cha ing its merry way across the page! I’m the Jackson Pollock of penmanship, the left -handed loiterer of letters. If I’d been employed as a medieval scribe, manuscripts wouldn’t so much have been illuminated as eliminated and universal literacy and religious knowledge could have been set back by several centuries. It’s not for nothing  that our son has joked about employing a team of codebreakers in order to decipher my scrawl!

School was a struggle, timekeeping in exams impossible. No computers way back in the Swinging Seventies. At least none that didn’t take up half a room. And I should know, as the daughter of a mathematician and computer studies lecturer! It was pen and ink all the way; most of it smeared over my hands and exercise books.

Still, serendipity is a wonderful thing.  What caused me to stumble across Kara from bohoberry’s site on Sunday evening? Who knows? It’s amazing what you’ll do to pass the time before ‘Call The Midwife’ comes on on TV. What a find! A site full of handy hints and  resources for we ‘grownups’ who’d like to find their inner scribe but who’d prefer not to go back to First Grade copybooks.

And the secret to improving your handwriting? Just write! Everyday. Write what you like to read. Poetry, prose, shopping lists, favourite quotations…(add your own choice here). So I gave it a go, trying to pick up on the old cursive style I was taught as a child.

The result of my efforts? Well! It may not be perfect, but I’m not half proud! Here are my first attempts below.

I’ve discovered that there’s something strangely restful and meditative about slooowwww writing. Not as much lectio as graphio divina.      And, as I said, there’s a bonus: I can use the pages as art journal backgrounds.




Who’d have thunk it? The joys of creativity!









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    • It’s beautiful- from what I’ve seen of your lovely cards. Both myself and our son are lefthanded, as was his grandad. Your husband has my every sympathy. Spiders unite!


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